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The name HOLONCOM is the sum of ‘Holon’ and ‘Communication.’ Two key concepts in our daily operation. Arthur Koestler defined the term ‘holon,’ referring to Janus-type entities that are simultaneously complete and part of another being. The term is derived from the Greek ‘holos’ meaning ‘complete.’ The suffix ‘on,’ as in ‘proton’ or ‘neutron,’ suggests that it is part of something else.Koestler observed that people, just like other biological entities, are self-regulating in that they possess independent traits of a complete being as well as dependent traits of other parts.

HolonCom sees organisations and the people within them as holons. We have an eye for their individual flare as well as their dependence upon the greater group they belong to. Not to mention their responsibility towards the other holons in their structure. Communication between holons should start with the realisation that everyone is individual AND dependent and not individual OR dependent.

HolonCom places its individuality, its strength, at the disposal of the client. We base our advice upon the individuality of your organisation and its employees. We listen to the communication from and between the holons of your organisation. What does your organisation want? What do the employees want? What makes them individual and how can Information Technology strengthen it?

That’s why we strive for the self-sufficiency of the customer. We don’t want to make you dependent upon us. We want to support you so that the merits of you and your organisation can blossom to full effect.

Some facts

HolonCom specialises in CMS websites. This allows us to develop a superior and affordable product. One of the reasons why numerous federal non-profit organisations, independent advertisers and companies choose Xtrasite CMS to manage their intra- and extranet.

Last year we celebrated our 12the year existence. We have been a DNS agent since the start of the .be domain name era. In other words, we were one of the internet pioneers and now we’re a household name.

We are a healthy company. We grow steadily year after year. A healthy, organic growth based upon word of mouth advertising about our honest, open and professional way of working.

We handle everything ourselves: hosting, domain names, design and implementation. This total independence is an essential feature of the superious service we’re known for.

XtraSite CMS

Dotnetnuke® is the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .NET.  DotNetNuke is deployed in over 500,000 production web sites, world-wide ranging in size and scope from informative brochureware to product marketing, government services, ecommerce retail operations and much more.

HolonCom is partner of Dotnetnuke Corp, member of Dotnetnuke Internationalization Team, and member of DNN Europe.

Semantic web

HolonCom is committed to the Semantic Web, Linked Data and in particular to Open Government Data

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